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Pit Lane
Pit Lane The Italian 2011 Gas worlds pit lane
Gas Worlds
Gas Worlds 2011 Gas Worlds held in Italy gas worlds
On-Road Gas Worlds
On-Road Gas Worlds South African representation at the worlds gas worlds 2011
Launch Tug
Launch Tug Scale event 2009 scale boats
Scale Nationals
Scale Nationals Cape Town 2009 event! scales boats
Margate 2009
Margate 2009 National Off-Road Gas Nats in Margate events
Twin Cub
Twin Cub Duel Takeoff comp
Margate 2009
Margate 2009 Off-Road Nitro Nationals at Margate events
Onroad Nats
Onroad Nats Cape Town comp
Trap 2009
Trap 2009 Onroad Electric Nationals 2009 events
Amazing Heli Crash
Amazing Heli Crash Perfect timing with this shot! comp
Trap Nats 2009
Trap Nats 2009 Onroad Electric National Event at Trap events