SCX Analogue Expantions

In this issue I received the second instalment of the upgrade to my SCX C4 Set. This included the   PIT BOX kit and the CHNANGE OVER curves. I must admit I was quite excited about the change over tracks as I thought that would add more complexity to the track, which it did. But to my surprise the PIT BOX stole the show. 



The kit comes with much of it in pieces and it took me about 10 minutes to assemble the refuelling station and do a bit of reading up. The station is programmable and you can determine the amount of laps your car will do and hence prolong the race before a refuel is necessary. It is very easy to do and consists of pushing down button A while holding button B., green and yellow start flashing and away you go. The fuelling station is the size of a 345mm straight and replaces you mains and controller input track. You will not get last with programming as the manual is very clear on how to go about things. There are different race condition which you and setup, these are cover in the manual. The jack positions for triggers are set forward and not out of the side and the original. This dose means you need to sit closer to your opponent.


The change over kit came with two changes over curves. These curves are twice the length of the standard curves supplies with the C4 SET. This left me with quite a bit of spare track even though it was just curves  I managed to put them all use and extended the track by about 1 meter.


This specific combo was very interesting as it added 2 strategic elements to racing which really changes the way you race. Its two great expansions but I would recommend buying the PIT BOX kit first as it adds more aesthetic value as well.