Sliding inner curve and Group B

We take look at the SCX Group B set of cars and the venerable snow curve which puts racers into a tight corner with low traction. However before you start talking about the cars lets take a look at what Group B actually was in the 1980’s.


Group B was introduced by the FIA in 1982 as replacement for both Group 4 (modified grand touring) and Group 5 (touring prototypes) cars.

Group A referred to production-derived vehicles limited in terms of power, weight, allowed technology and overall cost. The base model had to be mass produced (5000 units/year) and had to have 4 seats. Group A was aimed at ensuring a large number of privately-owned entries in races.

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SCX Analogue Expantions

In this issue I received the second instalment of the upgrade to my SCX C4 Set. This included the   PIT BOX kit and the CHNANGE OVER curves. I must admit I was quite excited about the change over tracks as I thought that would add more complexity to the track, which it did. But to my surprise the PIT BOX stole the show. 

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